May 18, 2021

Italy on the quest to become a hub of solar power-sharing technology

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Italy is establishing solar energy communities to integrate the citizens and the private sector into the solar power energy plans. This technology’s pilot program is the Magliano Alpi municipality, which became the first renewable energy community (REC) after the country made changes to the regulations concerning incentives and renewable energy policies. The leadership of this country is banking on establishing a network of renewable energy communities (RECs) to meet the energy demands of half of the population. The mayor of Magliano Alpi, Marco Bailo, announced that there are seven confirmed customers tuned to this REC with three being public institutions. He further explained that the municipality has a population of 2200, which they will ensure are all connected to the RECs. The challenge reported with this plan is pointing out the users linked to a similar substation. Nevertheless, the developers will ensure that all the 13 key locations have substations to sustain all the citizens’ energy demands evenly.

Moreover, Magliano Alpi is partnering with other municipalities in the northwest area of Piedmont. The neighboring five municipalities will each establish their RECs as separate units before incorporating them together to create citizen energy communities (CECs), according to the statement made by Sergio Olivero, the head of the scientific committee of this project. Additionally, the CECs will straighten up and encourage the other municipalities and regions to try this technology. Olivero explained that the amended laws allow the development of such programs and private entities’ involvement within the cities implementing them. The executive thinks this would be the best opportunity to invoke public-private partnerships stimulating economic development. Italy has become a magical country in this pandemic season, with more projects geared towards meeting the people’s requirements taking center-stage.

Additionally, the Ministry of Economic Development has offered a €110 subsidy for every clean energy megawatt-hour that will be developed. Olivero also said that the municipalities with residents not exceeding 5000 will be receiving €100000 to establish energy communities through the next four years. Bailo pointed that various cities are linking the PV systems to the RECs to be safe during winter. Other operations taking place include the development of smart meters for those abiding by the RECs. Bailo explained that this measure is part of what they benchmarked from the municipalities of Sardinia and Berchidda. The two executives witnessed the REC’s establishment and are hopeful that the technology can inspire the country to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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