May 18, 2021

Activation of the 300MW California battery by Vistra

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In California, Vistra, a US developer, had connected a battery storage system with a capacity of 300MW in Monterey County. This is one of the most significant energy storage facilities in the world. Phase two of the project’s construction is on-going, and it is expected to give an extra 100MW /400MWh to the facility. The project is anticipated to be complete by August 2021, with a total capacity amounting to 400MW/1600MWh.

The energy storage system is inside Moss Landing Power facility with a length of 300 meters. Phase one of this project has over 4500 stacked battery cabinets or ranks, with every cabinet having 22 individual battery modules. These modules help to apprehend surplus power from the grid, especially in high solar-output hours. They also help to let out electricity when power demand is at a peak, and solar energy is diminishing.

Both phases one as well as two of Vistra Moss Landing power storage station are supported by long-term contracts with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Curt Morgan, the Vistra CEO, said that the project I very vital and is essential in various ways. For instance, it reinvigorates a current energy facility and makes use of transmission lines, offers clean power, intensifies grid stability, back-up California’s sustainability goals, fill up the reliability gap formed by sporadic renewables, benefitting the local community, and providing clean, reliable as well as affordable power to all users.

Morgan said that it is one of the largest battery systems to be built. He added that as the country is preparing to clean power transition, batteries will play a vital role. The Vistra Moss Landing project will help the government attain its goals and be a good example for other organizations to follow. Vistra said that the project offers a better chance for substantial future expansion, saying the battery storage system will be expanded up to a storage capacity of 1500MW/6000MWh.

John Laird, California State Senator, said that he is happy to see such a big project. Adding the Vistra Zero Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility will help store clean power and deliver it when the demand is high. He said that this ambitious project would be helpful to California and be beneficial to the nation and the world at large.

The Vistra project storage portfolio consists of five battery projects in Texas and California. It also comprises the DeCordova project with a 260MW/260MWh, and it is expected to be complete by 2022.

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