April 15, 2021

SKODA car owners to enjoy convenient charging with SKODA Iv Wallboxes and POWERPASS

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SKODA, an automaker based in the Czech Republic, enhances customer experience and electric mobility through SKODA iv Wall boxes used in residential and commercial spaces. The carmaker also has a POWERPASS charging system that allows a user to charge a car on the go.

There are three versions of the SKODA IV chargers, and they all meet customer’s needs. The automaker guarantees excellent aftersales service, including gadget use advice, home and office installation, and servicing. SKODA IV Wallboxes charge electric vehicles quickly and conveniently.

The basic version, known as SKODA IV Charger, is best suited for private households. The SKODA IV Charger Connect is ideal for car parks and public buildings. It comes with additional functions since it supports a local area network (LAN) and a wireless local area network (WLAN). For instance, car user can control their car charging using the POWERPASS app remotely.

The SKODA IV Charger Connect+ is the best model among the three versions. With this version, a user enjoys advanced remote control options through LAN, WLAN, and long-term evolution(LTE) connections. In addition to the radio frequency identification (RFID) card in the other versions, this third type has an integrated electricity meter that tracks power consumption in the POWERPASS app.

The Wallboxes can be used at home or in commercial places where businesses can offer staff charging privileges. Public amenities and social places such as schools and hotels can also use the Wallboxes to offer guests charging services. Due to their weatherproof design,  consumers can use the chargers indoors and outdoors. The Wallboxes come in a single-phase or three-phase connection, making them easy to integrate into the building’s electrical installation.

The POWERPASS provides car users with easily accessible charging stations, which they pay for at the end of the month. In Europe, there are approximately 195,000 charging points that consumers can access through the POWERPASS technology. This technology is a single radio frequency identification (RFID). It also comes with a POWERPASS phone application. Through this technology, a consumer can access convenient and straightforward charging at any charging station in Europe. (At least eighty percent of all stations).

Time taken to charge a car to total capacity depends on the output of the Wallbox and the vehicle’s capacity. A single-phase connection Wallbox can deliver up to 7.2kilowatts(kW). The three-phase connection can deliver approximately 11kW. A SKODA ENYAQ IV 50 will fully recharge a 55 kWh battery in seven and a half hours if its output is 7.2Kw.

Charging a car using the SKODA IV system is easy, thanks to the POWERPASS technology. Consumers can either use the RFID chip card or the smartphone app to operate the charging station. The carmaker provides three tariffs to choose from, and the billing is made monthly. SKODA will introduce the technology from April this year.


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