April 15, 2021

Hyundai and Singtel partner up to monitor EV batteries in Singapore

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Suppose you keep tabs on recent market trends globally. In that case, you must have noticed that the renewable energy and electric vehicles industry hold the most potential this year, explaining why many firms are partnering to co-create technologies. Recently, Hyundai and Singtel join the many companies that have teamed up this year to contribute to the electric vehicles sector. The duo will develop an IoT system allowing the Korean carmaker to keep tabs on vehicle telemetry in real-time. This system is necessary since it can help the industry develop facts regarding the battery sector in electric vehicles.

The Korean carmaker, Hyundai Motor Company, will work alongside Singapore’s Singtel firm on a system allowing Hyundai to monitor the electric vehicles being driven on the island. This IoT system will supply Hyundai carmaker with telemetry, popularly known as automatic data transmission regarding batteries’ status and performance, powering up these digital cars with a subscription service.

Andrew Lim, Singtel Group managing director for large enterprise and government, commented about this partnership, stating that this collaboration is timely since the Singapore government has decided to transition from internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040. Also, Singapore recently announced new policies aiming to motivate people to invest in electric cars. Other than that, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to work together on intelligent manufacturing.

Hyundai and Singtel would create an Innovation Centre in the city by conducting studies regarding future mobility. Recently, Singtel and its Australian branch Optus started utilizing the AWS Outposts and a 5G Connectivity to build a (MEC) Multi-access Edge Compute Infrastructure product. Outposts enable businesses to run on-premises, operate and storage with the AWS-designed hardware and the APIs.

Singtel stated that the MECs with the AWS Outposts are readily available and accessible from the Singtel site, aiming to help businesses carefully run their applications that utilize the AWS tools and data-processing; they need ultra-low latency. For convenience purposes, Singtel also offers to deploy the MEC with AWS Outposts to their customer’s location for the trial phase when dealing with confidential data that customers prefer to remain within the premises.

In March, Optus blend the 2,100MHz spectrum under FDD and the 3,500MHz spectrum under TDD on the 5G live site with Samsung and Ericsson, stating that the two will deliver faster speeds and cover a more extensive area. Currently, it has more than 1000 functional sites with 5G setting across Australia. Hyundai and Singtel’s partnership is an exemplary joint venture that will take the world to a better level. Many are looking forward to the results of this teamwork and more exciting future projects.


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