May 18, 2021

Project Solar to become the Warby Parker of Renewable Energy through design and Value

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The field of renewables is growing with time as the planet works on investing in clean energy for a greener world. As a result, many companies are working on renewables’ projects to help different countries meet the net-zero-emission target. Trevor Hiltbrand, the CEO of Project Solar, is set to disrupt the solar energy sector. He is working on offering customers and commercial businesses a solar-enabled product that is affordable and has an eye-catching design. This journey is his way of helping the globe achieve affordable solar power accessible to all.

Project Solar is a move that experts claim will lift the world of renewables and make clean energy affordable to all. It will achieve widespread solar energy use hence altering the public’s dependence on coal-fueled power energy. One of the main sectors currently depending on non-renewable energy to do a lot of things includes the commercial industries, especially the manufacturing sector. However, Project Solar will bring affordable solar power to different commercial sectors like the Fashion sector, which is currently using a huge amount of non-renewable energy resulting in a lot of waste in the environment.

This United States-based project has the potential to impact positively the way commercial businesses and people consume energy. Project Solar kicked off a while back as a DIY Venture in President Trevor’s backyard. Initially, he wanted to create solar power for his home, and the amount he needed to install solar infrastructure amounted between $35,000 and $50,000, a price with incentives. The amount was too much compared to his budget explaining why he started researching ways to get solar energy at a low price. During his research period, he understood something that disturbed him where solar panel sellers made a massive solar panel installation commission.

Hiltbrand talked about how the Solar industry sells their services by door Knocking, which is an inefficient sales strategy, yet they make a lot of money. Why not when the commissions are over $12,000 for every solar panel sale. Trevor still focused on powering his home with a solar panel and learning all the necessary information to ensure he installs the solar at an acceptable price. He went ahead to attend installation classes and power up his home with an end cost of $9K.

Like most of the other founders’ stories, the first users of Project Solar were family and friends who were eager to use Trevor’s solar panel installation approach. With time, the friends and family project was able to grow into a business. This project kicked off with a team of installers and currently offers DIY and full-service installation services. Another advantage of this project is its quality since they use nothing but the best product.

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