April 15, 2021

Scaled Designs the United Kingdom Original 3D Printed Electric Car Called Chameleon

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A group of engineers located in the United Kingdom from a company named Scaled has made the Nation’s first 3D printed car named the Chameleon. Uniquely, the buggy-Esque seater is mounted with a 3D printed border and was made in some months by David Speight and Bob Bradley, the Co-founders. Furthermore, the inventors have made the car accessible for driving demos as it goes through an intensive testing phase to make sure there is safety and functionality before they commercialize. Bradley mentioned that the company seeks a cheap option where functional, good looking, and sustainable electric cars. Moreover, he said that the technology used can be utilized for other needs.

The Chameleon car, which is now a model, can reach a maximum of 45 mph speed, and it also weighs 150 kilograms. Lynch’s electric motor charges up the electric car; subsequently, it has other non-3D printed parts manufactured by scholars from the University of Birmingham’s racing squad. The project was eventually intended to display the firm’s Chameleon platform’s proficiencies, which is made up of large 3D printing machines and robotics systems.

Additionally, Scaled also worked together with an engineering software expert named Rafinex to make the project a success; they used the organization’s stochastic topology optimization software to refine the frame’s final look. Rafinex’s software has been made to test some functionalities to ensure that the ultimate product does not fail in any environmental effects. The whole project was aimed at environmental sustainability, and the group has picked to use recycled PA6 designed by a material expert named LEHVOSS Group. Furthermore, the material has been considered durable and strong for the automotive industry.

The idea came to life that waste products should be utilized to make ecological car parts aimed at enhancing recycling and saving on heaviness. According to Bradley, 30% of the car was made out of recycled PA6 components. Additionally, he said that it would be possible to add the number of circular plastics for manufacturing cars in the years to come. The chameleon car was manufactured for short distance journeys. It has been designed to target individuals who mostly cover short distances to travel from one place to another. This can include security patrolling companies, airport workers, and also train employees. Furthermore, the vehicle can be used as a company car for employees. Moreover, many organizations are looking forward to have one Chameleon electric car in their space.  


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