April 15, 2021

Arqiva leads European telecommunication firms in expanding their markets, collaborates with Elon Musk to extend Starlink’s broadband service in the UK

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Winchester-based telecommunications company, Arqiva, has signed a deal with Elon Musk’s satellite company, Starlink, to allow the US startup to extend its satellite broadband service across the United Kingdom (UK). According to a Telegraph report, Arqiva has large ground station dishes across the UK’s southern parts that can integrate broadband satellites to fiber networks.

Starlink started its UK trials in the western part of the country and is now planning to expand these services to the rest of the country. The US-based telecommunications company is one of the best satellite broadband service providers globally. It charges a subscription fee of $122 per month and a one-off equipment charge of $605.

Arqiva leads other European countries in delivering better connections to the European market. Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications firm KPN has partnered with the country’s National Civil Pension Fund (ABP) to roll out a fiber network. The new network will enable eighty percent of all households in the Netherlands to access fiber connection by 2026.

American multinational wireless technology giant Qualcomm will collaborate with the UK administration to “power smart agriculture” in remote farms in Dorset county. The project aimed at creating the world’s first “agri robot” is one of the government’s trial projects that will cost about $275 million.

French Orange Corporation, the tenth-largest mobile network operator worldwide, has risen ranks to become one of Europe’s best companies in speed and latency tests. According to a report dubbed 2021 State of Mobile Experience report, the Paris-based firm dominated five of the six metrics tested, drawing with Bouygues. The tests were conducted on user’s smartphones between August 2020 and January 2021.

Orange has launched a 5G connection for businesses in the northern port of Le Havre. By providing this superfast network to companies in the port area, advanced technologies and robotics will advance business activities.

As the world climate hangs onto a string due to increased carbon emissions, Vodafone has hit its one hundred green energy targets in its operations. The latter will supply 13,500 Vodafone joints with renewable energy in a deal between the Spanish firm and Iberdrola. Vodafone pledges to reduce its current carbon footprint by half in the next three years and hit carbon-zero by 2040.

The BBC Studios have requested the UK government to raise its debt cap from $482 million to $689 million for the art production firm to compete with American streaming giants Netflix and Disney. The borrowing limit was set at $482 million about eighteen years ago, according to the Telegraph.


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