April 15, 2021

The procurement of Ansys will not affect the direction of AGI nor Comspoc

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Paul Graziani never thought of selling Exton to Analytical Graphics Inc. since the day he founded it thirty years ago. Graziani stated that he was thinking of the company as an exciting opportunity to implement his ideas. Nevertheless, in the last one-and-a-half years, the executive and his team started evaluating possible techniques that they could employ to widen their customer base. Graziani noted that the escalating revenues could not stop them from looking forward to a more significant market share than they enjoyed. He outlined that they wanted to reach the entire market. 

The company started dealing with Ansys, which commands a broader market base in engineering-simulation software in Pittsburgh. This partnership was exciting since the two companies provide digital engineering services and products, although they all have separate niches. AGI ensures that the satellite and aircraft systems are operational and the satellite constellations are integrated with the ground control units. On the other hand, Ansys provides simulation software to ensure that engineers analyze the effect of design systems like antennas, computer chips, circuit units, and aerodynamics for satellite systems. Graziani indicated that whereas Ansys starts from the smallest chip to the systems and subsystems, AGI begins from where Ansys leaves by combining these units and ensuring that they are up and running. AGI revealed their plan of becoming a unit of Ansys in October in an agreement penned this year. This move will see AGI detach from Commercial Space Operations Center as Comspoc Corp., a name that the company has been using since it became a subsidiary of the agency. 

Since its establishment, the company has provided satellite services and products and is looking forward to offering more benefits to the government and commercial satellite operators. Graziani outlined that they receive data from telescopes, radars, antennas, and control centers and integrate it from different orbital paths to offer comprehensive data to the customers. Travis Langster, who is an executive of the company, emphasized that they scrutinize all the data before supplying it to their customers. Nevertheless, the company’s consideration over selling out to Ansys will ensure that they have access to the technology of integrating machines to become a versatile unit. Comstock is working towards a level where they can generate data from their systems and offer it to satellite operators since they are updated. Graziani stated that they intend to lower the risks they attach to when they deal with missions by doing more research to meet the company’s anticipated results. 


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