May 18, 2021

$40 million raised for a satellite antenna by Isotropic Systems

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Isotropic Systems, a start-up UK-based company, has fund-raised over $40 million for its next-generation broadband terminal. The company expects to manufacture this broadband terminal by 2022. This is the second time the company is raising funds for this project, which adds up to $60 million that has been raised so far. The funds were raised by Boeing Horizon X, SES, Orbital Ventures, and Space Angels, together with UK government grant support.

Isotropic operate in a new broadband terminal type that communicates over various frequencies. This makes it possible for it to link with multiple satellite networks simultaneously without any interference in network speed or signal quality for every connection. The end product helps to provide customers with ground connectivity capable of maintaining links with numerous satellite broadband networks in development. These comprise of the ones being put up by SpaceX, OneWeb, Amazon, SES, among others.

Isotropic wants to start a 20000 square-foot prediction and testing facility in the UK. The company expects that by 2022, the operations of its ground terminal will be in place. In case the end product functions as planned, it is likely to be a significant boost to the consumers and satellite network connectivity providers. This means that the customers can use one hardware solution to link to various options such that they take advantage of network redundancy and speed benefits.

There are many benefits associated with these networks. Some of the networks have been very unpredictable and unreliable. Coverage has been inadequate, and speed tends to weaken most of the time. These legacy problems will be a thing of the past as some networks such as Starlink intend to provide solutions to such issues, though the best solution could be to provide connections to numerous networks at the same time. This could help one to shift from one link to another so as to maintain better network quality. It could also combine existing bandwidth when it is necessary to increase speed.

Some of the potential customers of Isotropic for the network include government, military, and civilian markets, throughout low-data IoT and broadband networks. The Isotropic’s recent fund-raising would assist it in manifesting its groundbreaking technology. As a result, the company can achieve the efficacy and production scale that is needed to be better to its expectations. The company has high hopes for growth, and it is committed to its mission and vision.

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