May 18, 2021

Customer signs for the first deployment of ABL Space Systems

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Two satellites for the L2 Aerospace will be launched by small launch vehicle manufacturer ABL Space Systems on the very first flight of their RS1 rocket this spring, this company stated on February 16. As per the company’s announcement, the two satellites created by L2, a firm established by Lance Lord, who is an ex-Air Force general as well as the former head of the Air Force Space Command, would be used to quickly test new technologies and aid training activities. L2 did not share information about the spacecraft’s scale or other factors.

In the announcement, Jim Royston, the chief executive of the L2, said that the satellites would be used to illustrate “a distinctive communication and the network architecture as well as evaluate cybersecurity technologies.” The RS1 is a lightweight launch vehicle that can bring up to 1,350 kg of weight into the low Earth orbit. With its first deployment planned for the second-quarter of the year from the Vandenberg Air Force Base situated in California, the vehicle is in the final stages of production.

The vehicle utilizes a containerized ground system named GS0, which enables it to be launched from low-infrastructure sites. ABL states that the car is well-suited for reactive launch applications. Dan Piemont, co-founder, and president of the ABL stated in a release, “L2, as well as ABL, are like-minded businesses focused on meeting the needs of the United States national security space community.” “We aim to develop the space infrastructure to render it nimbler and much more efficient for the United States and our allies by showing an end-to-end flexible launch service since day one.”

The news comes just over a week after the Lockheed Martin revealed that it had chosen ABL to deploy from United Kingdom in the year 2022. An award that the Lockheed won from United Kingdom Space Agency in the year 2018 for a mission that will hold six cubesats in the orbital maneuvering vehicle built by Moog will be met by the UK Pathfinder Launch. Before that, Lockheed had invested in the ABL.

ABL Space Systems is a firm centered in El Segundo, California, which uses CNC as well as 3D printing to build launch vehicles and the launch technology systems and to reduce launch operations. The business produces its parts in the United States. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Harry O ‘Hanley, as well as ABL Space Systems’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is Dan Piemont. Harry O’Hanley as well as Dan Piemont, ex-employees of SpaceX as well as Morgan Stanley, created ABL Space Systems. The RS-1 is a 2-stage planned launch system. It will give the potential for the low Earth orbit of about 1,350 kg (2,980 lb) (LEO). In the year 2018, ABL Space Systems signed up with Camden County for potential Camden County operations.

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