April 15, 2021

Amazon Web Services play a vital role in the space industry

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is getting into the space sector with a boom. Amazon, a cloud computing giant, offers ground infrastructure, allowing companies to analyse and process satellites’ data. The company’s services attract more new clients since Amazon provides customized services like mission control and cloud-based satellite operations.

The director in charge of the aerospace and satellite solutions at the Amazon Web Services, Clinton Crosier, said that AWS is fantastically going into space. Crosier, a former retiree at the US Air Force, played a crucial part in ensuring the US Space Force stand-up. Teresa Carlson, Amazon Web Services vice president, recruited Crosier to help the company develop new ways of using the cloud.

On 9th February, during the 2021 SmallSat Symposium, Crosier said that AWS would deepen its reach into the space industry, giving an example of the SpaceX record-setting small satellite rideshares. He said that among the 143 satellites in that mission, 115 satellites use cloud computing tools and AWS Ground Station or operated by AWS customers. Crosier said that they want to ensure that their customers make use of cloud’s competitive advantage as much as possible.

Earth observation companies such as Iceye, Capella Space, and Maxar Technologies are utilizing the AWS cloud and Ground Station to get data from information and satellites to their clients within minutes. Fireball International is another Amazon Web Services customer. Fireball International is an Australian-based company that gathers data from ground satellites and sensors. It uses the cloud to analyze data and sense bushfires immediately after starting.

Another spectacular AWS customer is NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that saw it easy to use the AWS Ground Station instead of building their own. Crosier said that the space industry now demands new potentialities. For instance, some companies want to use cloud-based software to handle satellites’ power systems to prevent space collisions. Others are using the cloud for satellite designing and mapping out constellations.

Amazon Web Services is in the process of coming up with a new service for startup companies that would be related to full-service consulting. Crosier said that AWS would partner with other companies in an attempt to help startups increase their speed to enter the space industry. He said that more information concerning that plan would be announced later.

Crosier said that they formed a team of experts from every aspect of the space industry to carry out operations in orbit, control and command satellites, designing spacecraft, and explore space.


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