August 14, 2021

GogoPDF: Converting PDF to PDF/A With A Blink Of An Eye

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We can’t deny the fact that technology keeps on changing from time to time. Digitalization is now being used almost all around the world. Many tasks are already performed by computers, android technologies, and laptops in multiple file formats. As a result, converting files has become a problem because the job requires a broad variety of data. The slow conversion of files from PDF to PDF/A is a big issue. 

If you want to utilize PDF files for future reference purposes or keep them for a while, you must convert them to PDF/A format. GogoPDF is a detailed and informative website that can surely guide you through the conversion procedure with easy steps. This article will solve all your problems regarding your PDF files. So feel free to explore this platform and lessen your burden!

Why PDF/A Is Better Than PDF

Most people don’t have a single idea of what a PDF/A is and what are the benefits and differences of a PDF to PDFA. Portable Document Format, mostly known as PDF, is a format that guarantees digital archiving of data and files. PDF is a well-known data format that is widely utilized all around the globe.

PDF/A, as opposed to PDF, is a variant of the PDF format that assures that the file may be duplicated in the same format independent of the application used to produce it. As a result, PDF/A safeguards, maintains and makes your files and data available for use in the near future.

Easy To Follow Guide In Converting PDF to PDF/A With GogoPDF

Numerous converter platforms are available online, but GogoPDF is one of the most trustworthy PDF to PDF/A converters. We all know a complex way of archiving your files or data in PDF/A format that you may do on your own without asking for help. Numerous benefits are ensured to you when you utilize your files and data with GogoPDF.

You don’t need to spend much time and effort converting PDF to PDF/A using GoGoPDF because it simply takes a minute or two. The online platform converts files and data faster since it uses the most advanced conversion method available. If you really wish to convert a PDF to PDF/A file format quickly, follow the guided steps below:

  • There are many choices available on what you can do with your PDF. But in this case, search and click PDF to PDF/A in the platform. Choose the file or data you wish to convert to PDF/A. Drag and drop them into the toolbox column for a quicker method.
  • GogoPDF will start to convert your file. No need to wait for too long because converting will only take a minute or two.
  • Wait for the process to be entirely complete after the files have been transferred. Depending on the reliability of your internet access, the operation to entirely change the documents might take up to one minute or longer.
  • After making modifications to the file, you will be able to download or save it. GogoPDF simplifies the process of saving a file to your smartphone, laptop, or computer. You may instantly transfer the freshly converted PDF/A file with a single click. By just clicking the download button, you will be notified when the download is completed.

Nothing To Worry with GogoPDF’s Document Integrity And Privacy Protection

Some clients who need to convert PDF documents are hesitant to utilize an online program. As a trustworthy converter, GogoPDF handles every conversion with the care of every aspect so that clients have an assurance that data is appropriately protected and that the confidentiality of every file submitted to the system is safeguarded.

Furthermore, GogoPDF’s lovely users should never worry with regards to protecting their files and data because they will be immediately extracted after the conversion process is completed. GogoPDF adheres to and enforces the Data Privacy Law because the online platform development team is concerned about its users’ privacy.


Because of the fast growth of technology, keeping confidential data and information has become increasingly crucial in past years. We all need to have secured backup files with our confidential data/files because we will need them anytime soon. GogoPDFs capacity to implement innovative features into its most trustworthy PDF to PDF/A file conversion gives a solution to everyday problems.

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