August 13, 2021

GogoPDF Online Tools: 3 Necessary Online Tools You Should Know

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The majority of people that are utilizing the benefits of a PDF file are astonishingly high. As the amount of productivity when it comes to using online documents is increasing. The vast majority of people who prefer using PDF files need an efficient online tool to help them with their online document difficulties.

When you are using an online tool such as GogoPDF, any document format can be converted into another format without dealing with complicated procedures. For example, using GogoPDF to convert the formats of your online documents will allow you to do so within just a few seconds and a few clicks.

This article will go through some of the necessary online tools you should know to handle your PDF files better.

The Delete PDF Pages Online Tool

There are times that you may receive online documents such as PDF files that have unwanted pages. This might not be very pleasant for some individuals and is a must to be removed from the original copy. However, when you remove pages it is convenient for the readers to read the actual contents. In some cases it is for them to remove the unnecessary pages.

When you use the delete pages from PDF online tool, you are in for some benefits for your document. One of the best things that you will be taking advantage of is having a smaller file size than it used to. When you remove pages from your PDF file. You are also removing a small amount of file size, making the original document more compact.

You certainly want to use the GogoPDF platform to experience a quick and quality conversion for your PDF files. Hence, here is an excellent example of how their platform works its magic in converting your online documents.

  • The first step is to upload your PDF file into their servers to start the scanning process and move forward with editing the unwanted pages in your PDF file.
  • The next step is to choose the unwanted pages from your PDF files. Select each page one by one and proceed to the next step.
  • Review every page that you want to remove from your PDF file. If you are satisfied with the pages that you have selected, click “Remove Pages.”
  • After those steps mentioned above, you may now download or share the freshly converted file.

The Share Documents Online Tool

When you are handling online documents, it is necessary to have an online platform that will enable you to share your documents online. The platform of GogoPDF allows you to do so by simply visiting their website and clicking the “Share Document” online tool. Once you are transferred to a new page, you can immediately start sharing your document.

One best example of why you should share your documents using the GogoPDF platform is that it allows you to have a shareable URL link. This will enable you to share the link to a person or a group of people that you want to receive the document. The URL link that you have sent them will enable them to download your document online.

However, the URL link provided for you will only last for 14 days, requiring you to finish your task within those specific days. Once the 14 days are over, the servers of GogoPDF will immediately delete your URL link to keep your online document safe and create room for other online document transactions on their server.

The Unlock PDF Online Tool

There are times that you might deal with your PDF files that have an encrypted password. Although putting an encrypted password in your PDF files makes it more secure than ever. It usually takes time and effort to type the password each time you open your PDF file. Hence, removing them can be a good reason to achieve a more convenient way of opening your document.

You need to know that you can remove encrypted passwords to your PDF file only. However, you can still remove the encrypted password of a particular PDF file if you know its current password. The password will be needed with the conversion process of GogoPDF when removing the encrypted password. Here is how it works.

  • Upload the encrypted PDF file.
  • Type in the password.
  • It will take seconds to finish the conversion process.
  • Download or share the newly converted PDF file.


When using online tools, it is vital to keep your needs as your priority. Refrain from using online tools that are not needed for your online document, as this might alter your document’s overall quality and contents.

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